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Industrial air conditioner for hazardous duty

Durable Machinery Company, LLC. designs and manufactures harsh-duty standardized products for severe industrial, marine and military conditions. DMC focuses on corrosive, dusty, hot, cold, humid, and hazardous (explosive) environments.


DMC Air Conditioners on US Navy Ship Pathfinder


  • Full rated cooling at 131°F(55°C)
  • Resist clogging from dust and sand
  • Corrosion protection (316l stainless-steel cabinets, epoxy coating on components)
  • Mechanical controls, not electronic
  • Explosive/hazardous gases or dusts
  • Totally enclosed motors with stainless shafts
  • Cooling (or heating) at low ambient temperatures
  • Easy-to-repair without special parts or training
  • Full capacity at high altitudes
  • DMC air conditioners "greenest" under harsh conditions
industrial facility

365 bet官网体育


  • Hot and dusty steel and aluminum plants.
  • Corrosive chemical and laboratory facilities.
  • Explosive and dusty grain elevators and coal mines.
  • Hazardous petroleum facilities--on and off shore.
  • Dusty mines, pay loaders and drag lines.
  • Recycling, waste processing and land fills.
  • Military facilities and vehicles in hot, cold and sandy areas.
  • Control centers in wood pulp and paper plants.
  • Cranes in nuclear power plants and dusty mills.
  • Explosives and chemical storage facilities and laboratories.
  • Tunnels and underground railroad systems.
  • Control rooms and panels near hot furnaces and boilers.
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